Apologetics & Evangelism – Part I

  • The primary mission Jesus Christ gave the Church was to go into the whole world and make disciples of him (Matthew 28:19-20). Apologetics is an essential tool in fulfilling this mission.
  • Apologetics is the science and art of defending the Christian faith. The word apologetics comes from the Greek legal term ‘apologia’, which means ‘to give a defense’.
  • Having an ability to practice apologetics is necessary for believers as we are called to proactively ‘contend’ with non-believers and false worldviews (Jude 3).
  • The skill of apologetics is also helpful as Christians are called to be ready always to provide answers to those who ask us about our faith (1 Peter 3:15).
  • However, having answers alone is not enough. The manner in which we as believers do apologetics is as important as the words we express (1 Peter 3:15).
  • Remember, you can win the intellectual battle yet lose the war for a person’s heart!

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