Christian Ministries International is devoted to helping Christians have answers for their faith (1 Peter 3:15). One of the primary ways this is accomplished is through the unique and specialized seminars in local churches given by Jason and Jared Carlson.

The seminars generally follow one of three formats:

  • Friday evening through Sunday morning
  • Sunday services with evening option
  • Sunday morning through Wednesday evening

Other options are possible, as we desire to meet the needs of the specific community and church.

While Christian Ministries International specializes in a wide range of topics, some of those more regularly featured in our seminars are:

  • The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ in a World of Religions
  • The Church in a Post-Christian Culture
  • The Question of Origins: Evolution vs. Creation
  • The 'Jesus' of the Cults
  • Mormonism: Christian or Cult?
  • Jehovah's Witnesses and the Trinity
  • Islam Unveiled
  • Salvation: Is There Really Just One Way?
  • East Meets West: A Christian Response to Eastern Philosophy
  • Living and Loving Faithfully in a Sexually Confused Culture

The seminars, geared for the local church, are both a powerful evangelistic tool for reaching skeptics, as well as an effective resource for equipping Christians in knowing what they believe and why they believe it. Believers also discover how to share their faith in a loving and positive way with those involved in cults, world religions, and false philosophies.

Over the last 40 years, the seminars have been held in 45 states, as well as around the world on six continents in more than 30 different denominations. Pastors say the seminars produce the largest turnout in attendance they have had for any type of special meetings.


"I have had the privilege of speaking alongside Jason Carlson, partnering with him on writing projects, and personally knowing him the past decade. Consider me one of his biggest fans."

Sean McDowell
Speaker & Educator
Author of GodQuest

"I've been a friend of Ron Carlson and his family for over 30 years and a fan of Christian Ministries International from day one. Recognized as the leading experts on the cults and non-Christian religions of the world, CMI provides the most biblically accurate, articulate answers for your questions. Plus, the absolute best resources and conferences for you or your church. I highly recommend Jason, Jared, and CMI!"

Rev. Barry Cameron
Pastor of Crossroads Christian Church
Grand Prairie, Texas

"Jason Carlson is my friend and colleague in ministry. He has the mind of a scholar, the compassion of a pastor, the heart of a warrior, and the courage of an apologist. I highly value the work of Christian Ministries International and confidently recommend this ministry to others. I thank God for the many years that the Carlson family have been willing to be on the front line contending for the faith, once delivered to the saints!"

Dr. Karl I. Payne
Associate Pastor, Antioch Bible Church
Seattle, Washington
Author, Teacher, Trainer, Apologist, Team Chaplain – Seattle Seahawks

"Jason Carlson is an impressive speaker in the realm of Creationism and the factual basis of the Bible. In sharing with our congregation, he challenged us to grow in our knowledge and faith. Jason will be a wonderful blessing for your organization."

Craig Altman
Senior Pastor of Grace Family Church
Lutz, Florida

"I commend the ministry of Jason and Jared Carlson without reservation. I have known Jason and Jared for many years and they are following in the Biblical footsteps of their father, Ron Carlson, as they continue the ministry started by their father. Jason and Jared have proven to me that they will stand for Biblical truth even when it costs them personally. Worldview Weekend counts Christian Ministries International as a sister organization and co-laborers in contending for Biblical truth."

Brannon Howse
Worldview Weekend

"Ron Carlson is an amazing combination of excellent communicator, Bible teacher, popular theologian and "hot topic" analyst. Wooddale responded with large attendance and enthusiasm as Ron taught about different religious groups each night. Learning was great. Interest was high. Excitement was intense. It was a great all-around experience with long term benefits."

Dr. Leith Anderson
Pastor of Wooddale Church
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"Ron Carlson is a tremendous gift to the entire Body of Christ as he informs, teaches, and motivates the Christian to stand for Biblical Truth. He is a great communicator; passionate about the truth and clearly knowledgeable about the world of counterfeits. His presentations are given in a loving and positive way that appeals to both Christian and Skeptic alike. We've invited him back for a fourth Seminar!"

Dr. James Dunn
Pastor of First Baptist Church
Stockton, California

"Ron, the pebble that you tossed into the middle of our Bayside family is still sending out ripples. You have blessed our socks off each time that you've been with us and this time was no exception. In fact, those that had the pleasure and privilege of coming and listening to you are absolutely raving about your knowledge and the way you were able to help them to comprehend the facts that you shared with them. We've been absolutely inundated with calls, letters, and emails from those who were extremely impressed with each of your presentations. I'm excited to hear that you have agreed to return for another seminar this year."

Ray Johnston
Sr. Pastor Bayside Church
Granite Bay, California

"Ron Carlson's dynamic lectures on Cults, Religions, and Evolution vs. Creation combine competent scholarship with spiritual warmth which captivates an audience and gives sound Biblical answers for our Faith."

Dr. Bill Bright
Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ

"I can recommend without qualification both the knowledge and ministry of Ron Carlson in the area of non-Christian Cults. Ron is an excellent speaker; theologically sound; and able to proclaim with love and clarity the power of the Gospel and the defense of the Faith."

Dr. Walter Martin
Founder of Christian Research Institute and author of "Kingdom of the Cults"


If you are interested in scheduling Jason or Jared Carlson to speak for your church, school, or other group, please click here to send us your contact information and we will promptly respond to your inquiry. Otherwise, to speak to our office directly, please call Christian Ministries International at 952-937-1385. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to the possibility of serving you.