Apologetics & Evangelism – Part II

  • While apologetics has always been an essential tool for Christian evangelism, sadly, many in our postmodern world today are beginning to question the relevance of contending for the faith with rational argumentation.
  • Some common ideas on evangelism, which are held by many Christians today, are things like: “People aren’t looking for rational arguments, they want to hear your story”; “People don’t need evidence for the faith, they just need us to be authentic”; and “Conversion is about the heart, not the intellect”.
  • Many Christians today seem to prefer experiencing Christianity to thinking about or explaining it.
  • This postmodern vision of Christian evangelism and apologetics, however, falls far short of the Bible’s admonitions on this subject, as well as its counsel and examples on how the faith is appropriately transmitted.
  • Scriptures such as Mt. 13:23; Acts 8:30-31; Acts 18:4; Acts 19:8-10; Romans 10:17; and 2 Cor. 5:11 are all evidence that reason and rational argumentation are at the heart of the New Testament model for evangelism and apologetics.
  • Can there be saving faith without understanding? Can there be understanding without reasoning? The Bible would appear to say “No”.

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