Apologetics & Evangelism – Part III

  • Last week we looked at why some of the popular postmodern views on evangelism and apologetics are flawed in light of the biblical admonitions on these topics.
  • However, there are other flawed beliefs about apologetics and evangelism within the Church today, such as the Defensive approach, where some Christians believe we should not proactively engage the non-Christian world, but we should insulate ourselves from the culture around us.
  • The Defensive approach creates a barricade mentality or a Christian subculture in order to avoid being influenced or corrupted by the non-Christian world around us.
  • This Defensive approach to the Christian faith is flawed though in light of biblical truth. For example, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 tells us that our spiritual warfare is not defensive in nature, but offensive. This is echoed in Ephesians 6:10-18 where the apostle Paul tells us that the spiritual armor of the believer is also offensive in nature. Notice, there is no armor mentioned there to cover our backsides!
  • In order to fulfill the Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20) the Christian cannot embrace a Defensive approach to the world around us. We must be proactively engaged in contending for the faith.

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