Cancel Culture

  • There’s a dangerous movement gaining traction in our world today known as “cancel culture”. This is the practice of publicly bullying, shaming, and silencing a person, business, or institution on the basis of their cultural, religious, or political views.
  • Cancel culture is an anti-intellectual movement in that it does not seek to engage in rational and civil dialogue over different perspectives, but instead seeks to squelch all opposition through the use of ad hominem attacks and boycotts.
  • Cancel culture claims to be an agenda motivated by the goal of tolerance. Unfortunately, the tolerance of cancel culture is anything but genuine tolerance. Genuine tolerance implies the reality of disagreements, while also seeking to engage in those disagreements agreeably. The tolerance of cancel culture is a forced unanimity that leaves no room for dissenting voices.
  • Cancel culture is antithetical to a biblical worldview. It is marked by pride, it leaves no room for grace or forgiveness, and it denies the sanctifying and transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

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