How to Recognize that You’re Probably in a Cult

  • You follow an individual or organization that claims to be the modern day prophet of God or voice of God on earth.
  • You claim to believe the Bible, but you have additional, newer revelations that take precedence over the Bible.
  • You believe the Bible has been corrupted, cannot be trusted, or can only be properly translated and interpreted by your prophet or organization.
  • You deny that the one true God exists eternally as three independent persons.
  • You believe in more than one God.
  • You deny that Jesus Christ is the eternal God who came to earth both fully God and fully man.
  • You deny that total and complete salvation is found in Jesus Christ’s atoning death on the cross and is offered freely to all as a gift of grace.
  • You believe that salvation requires more than faith in Jesus, but must be earned by doing good works or by proving your worthiness to God.
  • You deny the existence of conscious, eternal punishment in favor of annihilation, reincarnation, or universal salvation.
  • You believe that you can personally experience divinity, by becoming one with the divine, or by ultimately becoming a god yourself.

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