Jihad in Islam

  • For years the Secularist leaders of the West’s postmodern culture have repeatedly declared that jihad has nothing to do with terrorism, but is simply a peaceful, spiritual struggle undertaken by followers of Islam.
  • However, since the atrocities that occurred in Paris, these same Secularist leaders are now claiming that it’s “jihadists” who are responsible for this violence, but they have nothing to do with real Islam.
  • The truth about jihad is that for many Muslims it has long been considered a sixth pillar of the Islamic faith. It is the belief that fighting for the cause of Allah (holy war) is the greatest act of devotion a Muslim could undertake.
  • Surah 9 of the Koran, Mohammed’s final teaching on jihad before his death, encourages Muslims to fight and kill infidels (non-Muslims) for the cause of Allah. In this Surah Mohammed promises rewards in this life and paradise in the next for those who kill or are killed in jihad.
  • Mohammed not only encouraged his followers to fight for the cause of Allah (there are 109 “war verses” in the Koran), but Mohammed himself set a powerful example for all jihadists having ordered or led 74 military attacks during his lifetime.
  • It is absolutely correct to acknowledge that not all Muslims are terrorists and jihadists. It is not correct, however, to say that terrorism and jihad have no place in the religion of Islam.

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