My All-Time Favorite Apologetics Books

  • I am often asked to share what Apologetics texts have had the greatest influence on me personally. The titles below are not necessarily recognized as classics, but I’ll describe why they are so to me.
  • A Ready Defense by Josh McDowell... This summary of Josh’s classic work in Evidence That Demands a Verdict whet my appetite for apologetics as a teenager and really convinced me that Christianity was rooted in valid reasons to believe.
  • The Lie by Ken Ham... As a teenager this was the first book that really began to expose for me the flaws of Darwinian evolution. It also clarified for me the critical importance of upholding God’s word as our ultimate authority in matters of truth.
  • How Should We Then Live? by Francis Schaeffer... A “must read” for anyone interested in worldview apologetics. Schaeffer examines the profound role of the biblical worldview in shaping Western Civilization. He also speaks prophetically (written in the mid-1970’s) about cultural challenges and debates the Church is confronted with today. Schaeffer saw clearly the logical end of the West’s abandonment of absolute truth as revealed in God’s word.
  • The Case For Faith by Lee Strobel... I’m a big fan of all Lee Strobel’s books, but if I had to pick one this would be it. Lee’s books are engaging and read like mystery novels as he applies his background in investigative journalism to examining the validity of the Christian faith. This book is very helpful in addressing some of the most common, and challenging, skeptic’s questions.
  • A Reasonable Response by William Lane Craig... This is the book I read, and re-read, before I speak on college campuses. If there’s a good chance issues like “quantum physics” will come up in your apologetic conversations; Craig is your guy.
  • One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven by Mark Cahill... Apologetics is ultimately about evangelism; and this book revolutionized my view of evangelism. God used Cahill’s message to motivate me to be an evangelistic apologist.
  • Fast Facts On False Teachings by Ron Carlson & Ed Decker... How can I not include my Dad on this list? No apologist had a greater impact on me than my father and I still pick up Fast Facts when I want to hear his voice. My Dad was a master at balancing truth and love as he shared the faith with those caught up in false religious systems.

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