Overcoming Boredom in Church

  • Many people wrestle with boredom in church. Often the pursued solution to this boredom is to find a “bigger” and “better” church experience. But what if this approach doesn’t satisfy?
  • Maybe you need to consider the possibility that your faith has become more “me” centered than “He” centered? Maybe a new church isn’t the answer, but a new posture in worship? Here are 3 words that have the power to forever change your experience of church.
  • “Rejoice”... As you prepare to go to worship, begin by embracing an attitude of gratitude. Reflect on the Lord’s goodness and his many blessings in your life, and thank him for them.
  • “Revere”... Focus your heart on who God is and the amazing reality that he loves you! The more you meditate on the reality that the sovereign Creator of the universe loves you, and has lavished his amazing grace upon you, the more your heart will be bent towards praise.
  • “Refocus”... Follow Paul’s admonition in Romans 12:1-2 and ask God to refocus your heart’s priorities. As you enter worship, say to the Lord, “God, my one desire today is to honor you. Please use this service to transform me, and further conform me to your holy will.”
  • By practicing these 3 “R’s” you can adopt a new posture in worship and experience the fullness of joy and blessing that’s available in gathering for worship at church.

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