Responding to Popular Criticisms of Christianity – Part II

  • A common criticism that many believers have heard is, “You Christians are so judgmental.”
  • When faced with this charge, our first response should be to check our own heart and attitude. Have we failed to proclaim the truth with grace and love? Is our critique of error moving into the realm of personal attack? If so, we must remember the admonition given to us in 1 Peter 3:15 and balance our witness with gentleness and respect.
  • If our heart and attitude is in the right place, our next response should be to point out that the one calling Christians “judgmental” is doing the very thing they’re accusing us of. They’re judging Christians!
  • We must then explain that being judgmental is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, we all make judgments all the time. Anytime we show a preference we’re making a judgment. What’s really at issue here is whether or not the judgment being made is accurate or well founded.
  • At this point it’s important to explain that when we as Christians speak out against various beliefs, practices, or lifestyles, we do so based on our beliefs and convictions that are rooted in God’s revelation to humanity, found in Scripture.
  • A person may not like the judgments we are making as believers, but what really matters is what is true; and if the Bible really is God’s revelation to humanity, there is no more important truth for us to know and follow.
  • If we’re prepared to explain the above to those who label us “judgmental”, this can then be a great bridge to an ongoing conversation about the merits of our faith or an encouragement to examine the claims of Christianity further.

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