Responding to Popular Criticisms of Christianity – Part III

  • Another popular criticism that many believers have heard is, “You Christians are so hypocritical.”
  • In responding to this charge, it’s important to acknowledge that unfortunately many Christians are hypocritical, professing their commitment to the Lord and his will, yet living and acting inconsistently with that profession.
  • Acknowledging and apologizing for the inconsistency that many have experienced from Christians can be a powerful and disarming influence with those who raise this criticism.
  • Beyond the above, when responding to the charge of hypocrisy, it is important to explain that even when Christians do act inconsistently with the faith they profess, this doesn’t make the faith they profess any less true.
  • For example, a police office might enforce the speed limit while on duty, but then ignore it on his drive home. While the officer’s actions are inconsistent with the law he’s sworn to enforce, the officer’s inconsistency doesn’t make the speed limit itself any less valid.
  • Christianity, like any belief system, must ultimately be judged based on the merits of its claims. Do we have reasons to believe that God exists? Does the Bible bear the marks of Divine inspiration? Is Jesus Christ really the risen Messiah and Savior of the world? These are the questions with which all people must ultimately contend.
  • Christians do a disservice to our public testimony when our actions don’t match the faith we profess. Thus, it’s important that we honor the Lord and make His name renown by living lives of consistency and integrity. However, even when we are guilty of hypocrisy, this doesn’t make the Christian worldview any less true.

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