Responding to the Accusation that Christians Embrace the “God of the Gaps” Fallacy

  • Many skeptics accuse Christians of employing the “God of the gaps” fallacy by claiming we fall back on God as the answer for anything we don’t understand.
  • For example, philosophical Naturalists say Christians believe in the God of the gaps when we say God created the universe because we cannot imagine how else it came to be.
  • The truth of the Christian position, however, is not that we are employing the God of the gaps fallacy, but rather, we are making an inference to the most logical explanation.
  • Making an inference is a valid form of reasoning where one examines the evidence and moves in the direction of the best explanation.
  • As Christians, when we see evidence of design throughout the universe we infer the existence of an Intelligent Designer, a Creator. Thus, it is evidence that guides us to our conclusion, not ignorance.

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