Responding to the Claim, “All Roads Lead to God”

  • One of the more popular spiritual beliefs in our culture today is the claim that, “All roads lead to God and one religious path is as good as another.”
  • A great response to someone who makes a statement like this is to simply ask the question, “So what path are you following?”
  • Oftentimes what you’ll find is that the person making the claim that “all roads lead to God” really isn’t following any particular religion. Many people use pluralistic statements like the one above to mask their own lack of any religious commitment whatsoever.
  • If you discover that the person you’re talking to doesn’t practice any religion, simply ask, “If all roads lead to God, don’t you think you should be following one them?”
  • At this point, suggest they try the Jesus path with you. Let them know it’s really great and invite them to join you on the journey!

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