Responding to the Claim, “The Bible is Just a Bunch of Parables”

  • When engaged in evangelistic conversations you will often come across misconceptions about the Bible. For example, this past week someone asked our ministry, “How do I respond to a friend who says the Bible is just a bunch of parables?”
  • Many Christians often feel like they’re put on the defensive when statements like this are made; and it’s easy to get intimidated or discouraged if you’re not prepared.
  • When faced with challenging claims like this, don’t feel like you have to have all the answers right away to provide an effective apologetic response. Rather, try asking some simple questions like these…
  • “What’s your basis for this claim?” A lot of people make claims about the Bible that aren’t based on a genuine examination of Scripture, but simply on hearsay they’ve picked up from others. Asking this question can be a gentle way to expose this reality and encourage further inquiry.
  • “Have you ever read the Bible?” If someone has really read the Bible they would certainly know that the Bible is far more than a collection of parables. Ask this question and encourage your conversation partner to read the Bible. You could suggest the Gospel of John as a good starting point.
  • “Do you know what a parable is?” Some people might be confused about what they’re claiming the Bible to be. Explaining the nature of parables, and sharing how they’re just one of many genres in the Bible, could provide clarification and also be a good bridge for sharing the gospel.

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