Responding to Those Who Leave the Faith

  • We often hear the sad news of another public figure who has chosen to walk away from their faith in Jesus Christ. How should believers respond to stories like these? How should we respond to people we know personally who abandon their faith?
  • Our first response should always be prayer. We should pray for the individual who has left the faith, we should pray for those who know and love them, and we should pray that God would be glorified no matter our hurt or confusion.
  • Our second response should be to offer our presence. Many people will feel the initial reaction of wanting to argue or persuade the individual to turn back to their faith. This is a normal response, however, before we deal with someone’s doubts or disappointments we need to assure them of our love and commitment to them.
  • Our third response should be to seek God’s peace. We need to remember that God is sovereign and is working in all situations to bring about his good and perfect plan. We might not always understand his ways, but when we lean on him by faith, we can experience his perfect peace.
  • Our fourth response should be patience. As we trust in God’s will and plans by faith, we need to exercise patience, even though we long to see our friend or loved one’s faith restored. God’s timing is always perfect and we need to remember that Jesus is the good shepherd who loves all of his wayward sheep. He will not give up on them.
  • Our fifth response should be to proclaim. As we pray, love, and trust in the midst of our relationship with those who’ve abandoned their faith, we must repeatedly affirm and share the truths and promises of God with them. We especially need to highlight the beauty of the gospel and God’s amazing grace for all people.

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