The Claim that Christians are Anti-Science for Questioning Darwinism

  • A common charge by Secularists today is that Christians who question Darwinian evolution are anti-science.
  • Secularists are trying to convince the public that Darwinian evolution is a proven scientific fact. Thus, if you dare question it, according to the Secularists, you are anti-science.
  • It’s important to note, however, that a person can have legitimate questions about Darwinian evolution and still hold science in high regard.
  • Both Christians and Secularists share the same scientific data. How one interprets the data and the conclusions that are drawn are the real issues.
  • The goal of true science should be an open-minded examination of the evidence, letting it lead us to accurate conclusions whatever they may be.
  • For many Christians, rejecting Darwinian evolution isn’t the result of being anti-science. It’s simply the belief that the scientific evidence better points to a Creator, God.