The Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection from the Grave

  • The Jews, Romans, and Christians of the first century all agreed that Jesus' burial tomb was empty.
  • The Bible records over 500 eyewitnesses to the resurrected Jesus, many of these eyewitnesses saw Jesus on more than one occasion and even at the same time, sometimes in groups of hundreds of people.
  • What could account for the radically changed lives of people like Saul (Paul), Jesus' earthly brother James, or the disciples? Their testimony is clear. They saw the resurrected Jesus.
  • The rapid spread of the early church in the hostile climate of first century, Roman occupied, Jewish Israel can only be explained through one fact: Jesus truly had risen from the grave.
  • All but one of Jesus' disciples died martyrs deaths because of their claim that Jesus was the risen Lord. None of his disciples ever renounced their testimony of the resurrection.

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