The Fallacies of Theistic Evolution

  • The Naturalistic theory of evolution claims that all living things descended from a common ancestor over millions of years of slow, gradual, and unguided change.
  • Theistic evolution is the idea that God initiated the process of evolution, using it as his means of creating all life.
  • Theistic evolution requires a strained interpretation of Genesis 1-2. A straightforward reading of the creation account describes God creating all living things fully formed and functional in six 24-hour days.
  • Theistic evolution contradicts the Bible’s teaching that death did not exist before the Fall of Adam and Eve. The theory of evolution requires millions of years of death leading up to the emergence of human beings, but the Bible says death came through Adam (Romans 5:12; 1 Corinthians 15:21).
  • Theistic evolution attempts to accommodate the God of the Bible and the biblical account of creation with the secular theory of evolution. However, this is an unnecessary move as there’s no solid evidence for macroevolution theistically or naturalistically.
  • The God of Theistic evolution is too small. When you understand the nature of God as revealed in Scripture it’s obvious that God didn’t need millions of years to create the diversity of life in our world; he didn’t even need 6 days. God could have created everything in 6 seconds if he desired.
  • When considering Theistic evolution the fundamental question that must be asked is this, “Why would a perfect God use an imperfect means to create a perfect world?”

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