The Major Apologetic Challenges Throughout the Ages

  • In the First Century Paul and the apostles reasoned with the Jews for whom Christ was a stumbling block (Acts 17:1-3); and with the Greeks for whom he was not known (Acts 17:16-19).
  • During the Second Century early church apologists defended the faith against charges of atheism, cannibalism, and being a threat to the Roman Empire; as well as the heresy of Gnosticism.
  • In the medieval era Christian apologists gave a defense of the faith in response to a resurgent Jewish critique and the rise and expansion of Islam.
  • During the Enlightenment apologists respond to the challenge of scientific rationalism: the belief that reality is limited to that which can be objectively and empirically observed and studied.
  • In the 20th Century Christian apologetics confronts challenges like liberalism, secularism, naturalism, and the growing influence of cults & other non-Christian religions.
  • Thus far, the 21st Century’s primary apologetic challenges have come from the “New Atheists”, the postmodern worldview, and the philosophy of religious pluralism.

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