The Mormon Church’s Admission of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

  • Recently the Mormon Church publically admitted for the first time that the founder of their religion, Joseph Smith, had upwards of 40 wives. Theologically this is a devastating admission.
  • First, this admission reveals the changing nature of Mormon doctrine. While Mormons officially deny the practice of polygamy today (since Mormon President Woodruff’s revelation of 1890), it is clear that it was once widely condoned and practiced in their Church history. In fact, in Doctrine & Covenants- Section 132 the Mormon god revealed to Joseph Smith that polygamy was to be “a new and everlasting covenant”.
  • Second, this admission reveals the changing nature of the Mormon god. It should be no surprise that Mormon doctrine can change when the god of Mormonism is himself a mutable, changeable being. In fact, according to Mormons, father-god was once a mortal man who, through the Law of Eternal Progression, gradually evolved to become a god himself. The mutable god of Mormonism continues to give revelation to the Church today, and as we see in regards to marriage, his revelations can change.
  • Third, this admission is yet another demonstration that Mormonism is not true, biblical Christianity. The God of the Bible is unchanging and eternal (Mal. 3:6; Ps. 90:2); and because of God’s unchanging nature, true biblical revelation and doctrine also does not change (Jude 3). For example, God’s position on marriage has remained consistent since the creation of humanity (Gen. 1:26-31; Gen. 2: 18-25; Mt. 19:4-6).
  • Mormonism claims to be the true and restored Church of Jesus Christ. However, the changing nature of their god and doctrine prove that Mormonism is inconsistent with historic, biblical Christianity.

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