The Primary Characteristics of the Postmodern Worldview – Part IV

  • The fourth characteristic of Postmodern thought is its deconstruction of traditional worldviews, especially Western worldviews that have historically held a position of prominence. Christianity would be the chief example of one such worldview.
  • Postmodernism declares that traditional, Western worldviews led to violence and oppression; and because of this, Postmodern thought teaches that traditional worldviews must be overturned and in their place we must highlight and give preference to historically marginalized peoples and cultures.
  • This is why in contemporary, Postmodern culture we see a growing fascination with indigenous 3rd world cultures, religions, and non-traditional forms of spirituality.
  • When it comes to the Postmodernist’s critical deconstruction of Christianity, the Postmodern position generally fails to recognize the positive contributions the Christian worldview has made, while elevating extreme examples of abuse and injustice that have been committed in the name of Christianity, even though these actions have no connection to true, biblical Christianity whatsoever.

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