The Primary Characteristics of the Postmodern Worldview – Part VI

  • The sixth characteristic of Postmodernism is the inevitable disorientation with reality that is created as a result of embracing this worldview.
  • Because Postmodernism has created a culture which declares there is no absolute truth, there is no absolute meaning or purpose to life, there is no absolute morality—the obvious question becomes, “Then what?”
  • And what we’re experiencing in our world today, particularly in Western cultures where Postmodernism has made its biggest impact, is that society is becoming increasingly characterized by a vacuum of truth, identity, meaning, and moral certitude; and we see a growing disillusionment among people.
  • In the next two Fast Facts we’ll discuss some of the flawed ways in which people today are attempting to cope with this disorientation with reality that Postmodern thought has created.
  • Ultimately, though, as believers we know that truth, hope, meaning, and moral certitude can only be found in a relationship with our Creator; and that comes through the saving grace of Jesus Christ alone.

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