The Primary Characteristics of the Postmodern Worldview – Part VII

  • In part six of these Fast Facts on the Postmodern worldview we highlighted the disorientation with reality that has been created by Postmodern thought, stemming from its rejection of absolute truth, meaning, and morality.
  • The seventh characteristic of Postmodernism is seen in how more and more people are turning to virtual reality to find a sense of meaning and identity and to fill the void in their lives that Postmodern thought inevitably creates.
  • What has essentially taken place with many in our culture is they have said, “If I have no inherent identity, meaning, or worth as an individual, I will create identity, meaning, and worth for myself.”
  • And so, in recent years we’ve seen a dramatic rise in interest and participation in social networking websites, blogs, podcasts, role-playing games, virtual worlds online, and reality television shows. And while these things are not bad in and of themselves, for many, they have become their primary means of attempting to create a sense of self-worth in a culture that denies any inherent self-worth.
  • The problem with virtual reality, however, is that it’s like every other false idol; it cannot fill the void in our lives. Only a relationship with our Creator God can give us the meaning, identity, and worth we all long for.

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