The Sign of the Rainbow

  • With the Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage across America this past week, the sign of the rainbow is more popular than ever in our culture.
  • While the rainbow has long been used as a symbol of the LGBT community, we must never forget where the sign of the rainbow originated.
  • The rainbow was created by God as a sign of His covenant between Himself and the human race; it represented God’s promise to never again destroy the world in a massive flood (Genesis 9:8-17).
  • Genesis 6:5-7 reports that it was because of the wickedness of humanity that God was grieved and thus determined to bring judgment upon the earth. The flood of Noah was a cataclysmic instrument of God’s judgment, destroying all living things except for those on Noah’s ark (Genesis 7:23).
  • When we see the sign of the rainbow in the sky today we should pause and thank God for His abundant grace, for all of us have sinned and are deserving of His righteous judgment, like those who died in the flood (Romans 3:10-12, 23; 6:23).
  • The prominence of the sign of the rainbow in our culture today affords Christians an excellent opportunity to build bridges for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • When issues related to the LGBT movement come up in conversation, as Christians we can ask a simple question like, “Do you know where the sign of the rainbow came from?” From there we have a great opportunity to affirm the sign of the rainbow as God’s and highlight the incredible, undeserved grace He offers all of us in Jesus Christ (John 3:16-18).

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