The Skeptics’ Explanations for the Resurrection of Jesus – Part III

  • A third argument raised against the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ is called the Swoon Theory. This argument posits the idea that Jesus never really died as a result of his beatings and crucifixion, but rather, Jesus was mistakenly declared dead and then placed in the tomb. After 3 days in the cool air of the tomb, Jesus awoke from his coma, emerged from the grave, and convinced his followers that he had risen from the dead.

There are a number of problems with the Swoon Theory:

  • First, the Romans were expert executioners; and the executioners presiding over Jesus’ crucifixion made certain he was dead. The Gospels record that the two criminals who were crucified with Jesus had their legs broken to hasten their deaths. However, when the executioners examined Jesus they found no reason to break his legs, as he was already dead (John 19:33).
  • Second, the Roman executioners jabbed a spear through Jesus’ side to assure he was dead (John 19:34). The Gospels record that blood and water spilled out of this stab wound, indicating death by traumatic shock and acute heart failure.
  • Furthermore, even if we assume Jesus survived the crucifixion, there are still numerous challenges for the Swoon Theory to overcome. For example: How did Jesus escape the mummy-like grave clothes he was buried in (John 19:38-42)? How did a barely alive Jesus move the large stone blocking the tomb’s entrance (Matthew 27:60)? How would Jesus have gotten past the guard unit commissioned by Pilate to make the tomb secure (Matthew 27:65)? How did a bruised and battered Jesus convince his followers that he was the risen Lord who had triumphantly conquered the grave? And lastly, what happened to Jesus if he wasn’t God incarnate, risen, and ascended into Heaven? Are we to believe that someone of Jesus’ acclaim just disappeared from history, never to be seen or heard from again?
  • The Swoon Theory is ultimately a desperate attempt to explain away the overwhelming historical evidence for the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus.

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