The Teachings of Christian Science

  • The religion of Christian Science is best understood as being a Pseudo-Christian cult. That is, it uses Christian terminology, but it is inconsistent with historic, biblical Christianity.
  • Christian Science denies the triune God of the Bible and instead promotes a pantheistic God who is all good and all in all. The trinity of Christian Science consists of three ethical principles- life, truth, and love.
  • According to Christian Science Jesus was only human, while Christ was the spiritual ideal of God. Christian Scientists believe that matter is an illusion and so the human Jesus was also an illusion.
  • Christian Science denies the personal nature of the Holy Spirit. Instead, it teaches that Christian Science is the Holy Spirit, the unfolding revelation of the mind of God.
  • Christian Science teaches that humanity’s basic problem is the error of believing the material world is real. Since all is God and God is only good, the Christ of Christian Science came to free humanity from our false beliefs in concepts like sickness, death, and sin. Jesus showed us how to live in harmony with the Divine.
  • The religion of Christian Science is another example of why all teachings that claim to be Divinely inspired must ultimately be weighed against the standard of God’s infallible and unchanging word, the Bible (1 John 4:1-3).

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