The World’s Different Views of God

  • Within religious and philosophical thinking there are a number of different concepts of God found in our world today. Some of the most common are these.
  • Atheism says there is no God.
  • Agnosticism says there may be a God, but we can’t know for sure.
  • Deism says there is a God who started the universe, but this God is now distant and unknowable.
  • Theism says there is a single God who is knowable, either personally or through revelation.
  • Pantheism says that everything is God and God is an impersonal force.
  • Panentheism says there is a God who is distinct from the universe, but the universe exists within God or as an extension of God.
  • Polytheism says there are many finite gods.
  • Animism says there are many finite gods who spiritually indwell the natural world.

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