When the Cults Come Calling

  • Many of today’s most prominent Non-Christian Cults will go door to door throughout neighborhoods attempting to win converts. The two most widely seen are Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormon missionaries.
  • When the cultists come knocking on your front door, instead of seeing this as an inconvenience, recognize this as a readymade opportunity to share the gospel. The mission field is literally coming to you!
  • Before answering your door, say a simple prayer, such as, “Lord, give me love, wisdom, and confidence as I share the hope of the Gospel with these lost souls.” The Holy Spirit will help you as you seek to lift up the name of the real Jesus and his free gift of salvation.
  • The cultist is coming to your door because they believe they must earn their salvation or prove their faith to God. For many of them this is a tremendous burden. Therefore, one of the most helpful truths to focus on with the cultist is the grace of God. Verses like Ephesians 2:8-9 and Titus 3:4-7 are great passages to share with them.
  • Don’t feel undue pressure to convert the cultist at your door. Remember, as Christians we are not responsible for how a person responds to our proclamation of the Gospel. We’re simply responsible for being faithful with the opportunities we have to proclaim it.

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