Worldviews – Part I

  • Every person has a worldview or philosophy of life that influences how they think, act, and perceive reality.
  • The fundamental questions that all worldviews must answer are called “The three great questions of life”: 1) What is the origin of life? 2) What is the meaning of life? and 3) What is our ultimate destiny?
  • How a person answers these three most basic questions will influence everything else in their life: their value for human beings, their basis for morality, their purpose for living, and even their standard of living.
  • The two most basic worldviews are Theism and Atheism. Theism affirms that there is a God; and Atheism declares that there is no God. Both of these worldviews have profound implications and numerous important questions that arise from them. We will explore these further in our upcoming Fast Facts.

For more information on the importance of a person’s worldview, please check out Dr. Carlson’s lecture, World Religions: What Makes Jesus Unique? available in CD or MP3 in our online store.