Worldviews – Part III

  • Secular Humanism, based on the philosophy of Naturalism, begins with the presupposition that there is no God.
  • It’s important to understand, however, that Naturalistic and Humanistic philosophers and scientists never disproved God. What they did was create a definition of reality that is so small, that God simply did not fit!
  • Naturalism and Humanism declared that reality is limited to what can be seen, observed, and experimented with in the three dimensional world of natural science. And in the Humanist worldview, since God cannot be put into a scientific “test tube” for observation and experimentation, God simply does not exist.
  • The philosophies of Naturalism and Humanism never disproved God; they simply defined God out of existence a priori by limiting themselves to this finite definition of reality.
  • In our next Fast Facts we will explore some of the philosophical implications that stem from the Humanistic declaration that there is no God.

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