Worldviews – Part IV

  • When Naturalistic and Humanistic philosophers declare that there is no God, there are some profound questions that arise as a result. The first of which is, “If there is no God, what then is the origin of life?”
  • When considering this question it is important to realize there are only two possible answers: 1) Life is either the result of a supernatural creative act of God; or 2) Life is the product of spontaneous generation (life from non-living matter) and millions of years of random, chance events through the process of Darwinian evolution. There is no third possibility.
  • Since Humanistic philosophers today have ruled out the possibility of a Creator, God, they are forced to declare that evolution is the best explanation for the origin of life; and this is what we have been teaching students in our schools for the past 150 years.
  • The theory of evolution states that men and women are ultimately an accident, nothing more than highly evolved slimy algae whose closest ancestors swing from the trees and live in the zoos.
  • The practical implications of this belief system are profound. For example, if there is no God and men and women are simply animals: What does this do to the value of human life? What basis do you have for morality, ethics, truth or justice? What is the meaning and purpose of life? What is humanity’s ultimate destiny?
  • In our next Fast Facts we will begin to examine the Humanist response to these questions; and we’ll come to see that ultimately the Naturalistic-Atheistic worldview leads to tragedy and confusion.

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