Worldviews – Part VIII

  • Last week we began looking at the three ways in which Postmodern philosophy manifests itself by examining Postmodern Existentialism. We saw how Postmodern Existentialism ends in a spiritual vacuum where man has divorced himself from his Creator and ultimately faces an existence that is meaningless and absurd.
  • Others in our Postmodern world have not denied the supernatural, but rather, have taken a second option we call Postmodern Spiritualism.
  • Postmodern Spiritualism ignores the Judeo-Christian tradition and instead elevates non-Western, non-traditional religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and various forms of Paganism.
  • Postmodern Spiritualism believes in a “God”, but generally defines “God” as an impersonal, universal force. This view is essentially the monistic and pantheistic view of Eastern philosophy (monism = all is one / pantheism = all is god).
  • Many who embrace Postmodern Spiritualism are also very active in the ecology movement, even to the point of religious zeal. The Postmodern Spiritualist’s passion for the environment stems from their monistic/pantheistic belief that everything is spiritually interconnected, along with the Darwinian view that we’ve all evolved out of the same slimy algae. Therefore, in protecting “Mother Earth” we are actually caring for ourselves.
  • Another key element of Postmodern Spiritualism is the belief in universalism, the idea that there is no eternal judgment and ultimately everyone will be saved (becoming one with the impersonal force they call “God”).
  • While Postmodern Spiritualism is an attractive option for many people who desire spirituality in their lives, but aren’t interested in submitting to a personal, Creator, there are some significant consequences to this worldview: 1) It devalues human beings (ex. If the dirt is god and you are god, what do you become equal with?); and 2) It’s universalistic view of salvation comes at the expense of your own individuality and personality, as ultimately you cease to exist as you become one with the impersonal all.

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